If I think I have damage what should I do?

The FIRST thing that you should do is have your roofer inspect the damage. If you have damage, call your insurance company (not your agent) directly to arrange for an adjuster to come see your property. We will meet with your adjuster to assure you the right repair at the right cost. Michael Young Roofing & Construction Inc. estimators are keenly aware of the requirements of insurance providers, will work hand-in-hand with your insurance representative, and with you to ensure you understand your claim completely.

What does damage look like?

Shingles are designed with granules to block from harmful UV rays and protect the asphalt underlay. As the shingles age, the granules fall off. Continued exposure to the sun, dries out the asphalt and the shingles take on a potato chip appearance as the corners start to curl up. A shingle at the end of its life is bubbled in appearance and brittle to the touch. Shingles with optimal ventilation conditions have around a 20 year lifespan, under manufacturer warranties.

What does hail do to a roof?

1) Accelerates granule loss

2) Accelerates shingle aging

3) Voids manufacturer's warranties

4) Leads to other associated problems

Do I need to get my roof replaced right away?

Yes! The damage may not impose an immediate threat to the structural integrity of the roof. However, many insurance companies have a "statute of limitations" of how long a hail claim is viable. If you have experienced hail damage, it is smart to take care of the problem in a timely manner. If not taken care of, damage may lead to other associated problems, like leaking and structural decay which you may become financially responsibly for.

Why would my insurance company replace my roof?

The purpose of homeowner's insurance is to protect homeowners against losses in their property's value due to damage from extreme acts of nature. If you have hail damage, your roofs warranty has now been reduced to a 1 year useful life span. With our help, your insurance company will compensate you for your loss and replace your roof!